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March 11, 2009

Heidi’s Hard Surface Farts

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Fart Favorite Heidi, decides to see what her LOUD farts sound like on various hard surfaces. She tries out several different things, and then decides to see what they sound like on your face, and she aims her shapely perfect ass right at you. A fart lover’s delight.

I Wonder How They Sound on ………………………………

February 19, 2009

U R A Disgusting Loser worth Face Farting

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Heidi finds you repulsive. She lifts her toilet lid and there you are smiling like the pathetic toilet slave that you are. Lots of fart talk, P and Farts right up close in your disgusting face.

5 Days Of Service & Consumption: Day 3 U R A Disgusting Loser

January 30, 2009

Heidi Mayne the “Hooters” Fart Girl

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Have you ever sat and wondered what your waitresses farts smell like. I bet most of you do . I bet you wonder if they would be loud, would they smell? How loud would they be if she let off a table fart, candid fart. cotton panty fart, vrs nude fart. Farts have different sounds and smells. You may not be able to smell these farts but you sure as hell can hear how sexy they are ripping through those tight lycra shorts. Next time you have dinner you may just get lucky and get a fart from your waitress. What would you want most : a face fart, panty fart or to just witness a fart from a really embarassed girl. Would you want it to be silent but deadly or a loud boomer with little smell or a large loud fart with tons of aroma? Until that happens stick with the fart girls Fart Porn.

Hooters FARTS

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